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For a limited time, all zines will be available in their electronic form for free.

Paper copies are available for sale for
$5 each + shipping & handling.

Email to request.

Broths & Brews Kitchen Herbal-ist Zine.png

broths & brews

The second edition in the Kitchen Herbal-ist series explores ways to keep the digestive fire stoked throughout the winter. 

  • Helpful herbs for digestion

  • Recipes to try from familiar to new

  • Immunity boosting broths & brews

No matter what diet you follow, there is something for everyone in this booklet. It also includes some tips & tricks for making medicinal herbal broths and brews that will soothe, comfort, and boost immunity.

This zine was created to honor my mentors, healers, friends and family who have nourished my body and mind over the years. 

infusion confusion?

What is an “herbal infusion”? How do I make one? Do I need any fancy equipment?

The answers are:

  • It’s just tea.

  • It’s easy.

  • And no, you don’t.

Check out my latest zine, demystifying herbal infusions (aka. tea!) using implements found in most kitchens.

My hope is to empower you to create your own herbal brews at home.

Herbal Infusion how to.png
Lymph Shift.jpg


Discover herbal medicine you can forage for in your own kitchen pantry!

  • Traditional folk herbs for immunity

  • Herbs & vegetables to help when recovering

  • Recipe for Fire Cider you can make at home

Simple folk remedies to help you care for you & your loved ones through cold & flu season. 

This is the first in the "Kitchen Herbal-ist" series where we (re)discover that herbal allies are all around, even in our own homes. 

the lymph shift

Learn a little about the amazing Lymphatic system:

  • What is it? 

  • Where is it?

  • Why is it important?


Learn about a few ways to assist your amazing lymphatic system, and about herbal allies for shifting stagnation. 

Immunity is important, especially now. Let's shift 

into health with simple practices and herbs you can use at home. 

Includes a step-by-step tutorial for a dry brushing ritual that will assist the lymph in its natural detox.

Kitchen Herbal-ist 1.jpg
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